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Myth of Vibrant Gujarat PDF Print E-mail

Ram Puniyani

Nearly nine years after the carnage of Gujarat (Feb 2011), a perception has been created that Gujarat is developing with rapid strides, there is all peace and harmony and minorities are happy. Like ‘Shining India’ a word has been coined, ‘Vibrant Gujarat’.

Nothing can be farther from truth. In the aftermath of the violence, the death of over two thousand Muslims, the rapes, the humiliation at the hands of instigated mobs, are still fresh in the air as the state has totally been unjust to the victims of the violence. There was no rehabilitation worth its name, the ‘refugee camps’ were closed too soon. State totally washed its hands off the rehabilitation process.

Binayak Sen Case :Honourable High Court Decides Criminal Appeal No. 20 & No. 54/2011. PDF Print E-mail
Binayak Sen and Piyush Guha have appealed there conviction by sessions court Raipur under Sedition and Conspiracy charges at the Honourable High Court of Chhattisgarh – Bilaspur. They had also filed criminal appeal No. 20 & No. 54/ 2011 respectively for grant of interim relief by way of bail while the hearing in the main appeal continues. One Vivek Sundara shared a scanned copy of detailed judgement in case of bail application on another forum. This is a layperson’s analysis of the judgement.
Jaipur explosion: Victim relatives demanding reinvestigation PDF Print E-mail

Kotta: Rajasthan,  alt"my father is an innocent, he doesn’t done any crime he is a teacher, how a teacher can become a terrorist” Shaheen said. She is an eight year old daughter of Mr.Illyas, who has been lying in the prison last two and half years.

NCHRO Rajasthan chapter organized a seminar in Kota. The programme attended by the relatives of the victims, here Shaheen made a heart feeling speech in front of the audience. Number of victim relatives shares their painful reality up on the   police atrocities against to them and their relatives.

A brief report on the recent ‘encounter killings’ in Orissa PDF Print E-mail
Crime Watch

pucl report


Beginning with the last week of December 2010, there has been a series of ‘encounters’, in which over twenty five people, allegedly Maoists, have been killed in Orissa. Except a few, the victims were Adivasis, 10 of them women including one minor girl. During the same period the Maoists too have killed three people in three separate incidents. In another gruesome act a woman and her four-year-old son were killed. In this case, the police blamed the Maoists and the Maoists blamed the police for the act.

Hindu fair focusing on conversions begins peacefully PDF Print E-mail


Christians in central India have expressed relief as the first day of a Hindu festival passed peacefully.

“We are relieved that so far no untoward incident has happened on the first day,” said Bishop Gerald Almeida of Jabalpur, whose diocese covers Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh state where the three-day festival is underway.

He told today that the administration has provided tight police security for Christian institutions in the district.

The Ma Narmada Samajik Kumbh (social fair of mother Narmada) began yesterday about 100 kilometers from the bishop’s residence in Jabalpur.

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