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ASIA: Unabated violence against women impedes social change PDF Print E-mail

A Statement from the Asian Human Rights Commission on the occasion of the International Women's Day

For 100 years now, a strong struggle for equal rights between genders has been taking place in the world. International women's day is the opportunity to celebrate women's economic, political and social achievements. It is the day to acknowledge the enormous potential of women in service of the prosperity of their communities and the core societal role they have to play for peace and political and economic development in their countries. Having educated and empowered women actively participating in every sphere of the public life of their country has for long been acknowledged as the key to development and prosperity in all the countries of the world. Discrimination against women has been formally recognized as a violation of human dignity and as riding roughshod over the concept that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and in rights.

PAKISTAN: The brutal assassination of Minister Shahbaz Bhatti exposes the nexus between the security PDF Print E-mail
World Peace

The Asian Human Rights Commission deplores the cold blooded murder of Minister Bhatti

Pakistan, the Asian Human Rights Commission and the world at large has lost a great advocate in the cause of human rights in general and religious minorities in particular by the brutal assassination of Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti, the Federal Minister for Religious Minorities. Mr. Bhatti, the only Christian minister, was shot to death while traveling in his official car on March 2 in Islamabad exactly two months after the murder of Salman Taseer, the former governor of Punjab. The linking cause behind these two high profile assassinations was their support of the proposed amendments to the blasphemy laws.

We demand judicial probe in to Activist Niyamat Ansari Murder case PDF Print E-mail


Ranchi: The United Milli Forum (UMF) Jharkhand condemns the brutal murder of the social activist Niyamat Ali Ansari in strong possible words. The murder of Niyamat Ali Ansari is yet another attempt to silence the voices against corruption and all those who are working to expose the irregularities in the implementation of government act and schemes like MGNREGA, RTI, ICDS, etc. Moreover, these killings further expose the nexus between contractors, administration and corrupt political leaders

INDIA/SOUTH KOREA: People's statement against the clearance granted to the POSCO project PDF Print E-mail


A Statement from the civil groups in India forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission

We the undersigned condemn the brazenly illegal and unjust clearance granted by the Environment Ministry to the POSCO project in Orissa. The actions of this Ministry and the government of India with respect to this project show total disregard for the basic norms of law, democracy and environmental protection. This project will destroy the livelihoods of more than 20,000 people and threaten the homes and lives of tens of thousands more. In particular:

• This project is repeatedly described as one of "strategic importance." Strategic importance for whom? Studies have shown that the project will destroy at least twice as many livelihoods as the jobs it will create. They have also shown that the tax revenues projected are the stuff of fantasy. Both the employment and tax projections come from studies paid for by POSCO. This project will benefit no one except the company in question and enable huge amounts of smuggling through the proposed private port. Is this what our government calls "development"?

Godhra Verdict: Whither Justice? PDF Print E-mail

Need for a CBI Investigation

Ram Puniyani

On 22rd February 2011, the session’s court gave its verdict on Godhra train burning of Sabarmati Express. It accepted the Gujarat state’s theory that the local Muslims had hatched a conspiracy to burn S-6 Coach of Sabaramati Express. At the same time of the 94 people being tried for this crime 63 were exonerated of the crime and 31 were held to be the guilty of planning to burn the Kar Sevaks. This conspiracy theory was initially put forward by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who within half hour of the burning of the train came to this conclusion. He had gone on to say that the conspiracy has been hatched by international terrorism, in collusion with the local Muslims through Pakistan’s ISI. At that time the Godhra collector Jayanti Ravi had ruled out the conspiracy theory.

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