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NCHRO Executive Council meeting PDF Print E-mail

The NCHRO Executive Council meeting was held on 10 January 2016 in Indian Social Institute, Bangalore. Prof. Marx, National chairperson of NCHRO presided the meeting.  The meeting reviewed various state chapters’ performance and chalked out the future programmes.

The following Resolutions were passed in the meeting.

Mukundan C Menon Award to C K Janu PDF Print E-mail

alt 16 December 2014

Kerala (Kozhikode): C K Janu the President of Aadivasi Gothra Maha Sabha has been selected for the award instituted by NCHRO is memory of Mukundan C Menon the noted journalist and human rights activist. The jury made up of Prf. A Marx(Chennai), Prf.N Ramesh(Bangaluru), Dr.J Devika (Thiruvananthapuram), N P Chekutty(Kozhikodu) and Adv.Shabana Khan(Mumbai), from amoung many nominations recieved from different parts of the country. The award includes the cash prize of Rs. 25000/- and a citation. This is a token of our support stand on strike led by C K Janu and others, before Thiruvananthapuram for restoration their acecestoral land; said NCHRO.

NCHRO Resolutions passed by Biennial General Assembly PDF Print E-mail

18 October 2014

Resolutions passed by Biennial General Assembly Sept 14 2014 Bengaluru

1. Appoint a monitoring committee to stop hate speeches

2. Enact laws to give compensation to under trials.

3. Withdraw AFSPA, UAPA and state security laws

4. Enact comprehensive human rights act

5. Do not allow FDI in strategic areas

6. Tributes to Irom Sharmila

7. Release Dr. G N Saibaba

8. Stop the commissioning of new nuclear reactors

9. Appoint judicial commission in Odisha

10. Concern at the liquidation of old institutions

11. Reinstatement of police officers will promote rights violations

12. Condemns the amendment to Tamil Nadu Gunda Act.

1. Appoint a monitoring committee to stop hate speeches

The Biennial General Assembly calls up on the Government of India and of the states to constitute monitoring committees to stop inflammatory and hate speeches by political and religious leaders. Recently the country has witnessed some self- proclaimed acharyas and sanyasins to pour vitriol against minorities in states like UP. The authorities have been lackadaisical to initiate legal action against there vituperation lest they would loose votes of certain castes .This inaction in the long run would destroy the secular fabric of the country. It is reported widely that Sangh Parivar elements are behind the Saharanpur communal riots. The BJP president Amit Shah went to the extent of saying that his party would win the assembly elections with huge majority if the riots continued. We urge the U.P government to arrest all those who have incited the communal hatred and ensure the safety of the vulnerable people. The NCHRO welcomes the initiative taken by Tamil Nadu government and judiciary to release 1300 under trials under Cr PC 436 (a). We also urge the state government to release all prisoners who have completed 10 years in jail irrespective of their religion on Anna's birthday.

NCHRO Statement; SC judgement on fake encounters PDF Print E-mail
26 September 2014

NCHRO welcomes the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court for police encounters to prevent fake encounters. Certainly this will be one more arm in the hands of human rights defenders to speak and fight against fake encounters.  However one should not forget that such directives are given by the courts in some previous judgments related to fake encounters.
NCHRO Condmn the arrest of Varavara Rao and Adv. D Suresh PDF Print E-mail

21 September 2014

Around  100s of activists from different states Bengal, Chatisgad  including the revolutionary writer, poet and activist Varavara Rao, Chandrashekhar(APCLC), Bela Ravindranadh (CRPP)  and Adv D. Suresh Kumar, the National Executive Committee  Member, NCHRO were arrested in Hyderabad in the early hours of today (Sept 21, 2014) by the Telengana police. We understand that the ultimate motive of this arrest is to disrupt a meeting to be held today in the city organised by the Forum for the Political Alternative. The NCHRO condemns this high handed and highly repressive action by the Telangana police. We bring to the notice of the state govt that activists like Varavara Rao and Adv Suresh Kumar had played a significant role in the Telangana movement. We demand the immediate release of all those.arrested.

Prf.Marx (Chairperson) Prf.P Koya (Sec.Gen)

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