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NCHRO demands disciplinary action against SP of Pakur PDF Print E-mail
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Press Release

Police Harassment on Human Rights Activist in Ranchi

NCHRO demands disciplinary action against SP of Pakur

New Delhi, August15: National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) demanded disciplinary action against the SP of Pakur, Jharkhand for stalking the harassing the human rights activist Swati Sinha in Ranchi. In a statement issued by the confederation, the general secretary Prof. P. Koya said that a fact finding mission had been sent by NCHRO to enquire into the police excesses when dealing with a protest march at Pakur against mob lynching across the country and hate message circulated by a local BJP leader Hisabi Roy.

The protest was lead by Popular Front of India on 5th July. 43 people had been arrested and they got bail after 23 days.  

The interim report of the fact finding team was released in a press conference on 11 August at Pakur and it was widely published by Hindi newspapers and channels the next day to the great embarrassment of Pakur police. Swati Sinha was one of the members of the fact finding team.

Administration is accountable for communal tensions in Sheopur: NCHRO PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - Minorities

altSheopur (Madhya Pradesh) : “The administration is the only responsible for the communal tension occurred last days, for holding RSS shakha in the city”, human rights organization NCHRO alleged through a press conference. Fact finding team member,Dr Kalpana Chittorgarh, Joint Secretary, NCHRO Rajasthan said that if the administration wanted it could control the situation by bringing the two groups to compromise, but it made the situation tenser by taking partial actions.Police failures to deal effectively with communal tension arise mainly from their own inadequacies and also from unabashed politics at the local level.  One of the team members Ansar Indori said that calling no meeting of Peace Committee even days after the incident took place, proves that the administration did not intend to end the tension from the region. On the other hand the actions taken by the administration till now were totally partial. The police took immediate actions on the FIR filed by the Hindu organizations and put persons belonging to the Muslim community behind bars after arresting them. Maintenance of public order is a sovereign function of the state  administrative machinery has become so highly politicised that it is rendered incapable of carrying out basic sovereign functions.

NCHRO participate in protest rally to show solidarity with those convicted in the Maruti case. PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - Migrant Workers

New Delhi, March,2017
altThe demonstration  was organized by various worker groups  to show solidarity with the jailed workers and in protest against the judgment pronounced in the 2012 Maruti plant case.
The Maruti workers and members of other factory unions  decided to move the Punjab and Haryana high court against the conviction of 31 workers. The workers said the investigation done by the special investigation team (SIT) into the incident was not fair, demanding  a judicial  inquiry.
Unions said there was no planned conspiracy behind the 2012 incident. Besides workers want that the Maruti to take back all 546 employees that it sacked after the incident in 2012.  NCHRO Delhi chapter General Secratry Ansar Indori participated and said the 2012 incident was sparked off by a minor altercation between the management and workers over the working conditions in the factory.
NCHRO calls for immediate release of Professor GN Saibaba. PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - StateViolations

altNew Delhi: NCHRO is deeply shocked by the judgment delivered by a sessions court in Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra on Tuesday,07-March-2017 sentencing Delhi University Professor GN Saibaba and four others to life imprisonment. The judgment clearly shows that even thoughts can be considered a criminal offence in the country and it an affront to justice.


The court says that it is “proved beyond reasonable doubt” that the accused “hatched criminal conspiracy to wage war against the Government of India" and punished them under the draconian Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Strangely it also holds that “merely because accused no. 6 Saibaba is 90% disabled is no grounds to show him leniency”.Dr Saibaba is a paraplegic right from school days and he cannot move about without assistance.It is patently clear that Saibaba was convicted to silence him as he has been vehemently opposed to some of the policies of the government especially those dealing with Adivasi land in central India’s mineral-rich corridor.

Peoples' Tribunal on Innocent Acquitted PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - StateViolations

The Innocence Network held its first Peoples' Tribunal on Innocent Acquitted. Chaired by former Chief Justice of Delhi High Court A P Shah. The report of the Jury was released this Saturday(10-Dec-2016).


Complete Report can be seen here:



Release of Bhopal Encounter Fact Finding Report PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - StateViolations

A fact finding report on the recent alleged encounter of SIMI activists near Bhopal was released today, Tuesday 29th November 2016, at the Press Club of India in New Delhi.

altThe Bhopal jailbreak and encounter had taken place on 31stOctober 2016.

The report raises many questions regarding the encounter, which were also highlighted in the program that marked the release.

Vipul Kumar of Quill Foundation, and Ansar Indori of NCHRO, who were both part of the Fact Finding Team (FFT), spoke at the event. The press conference was also addressed by Manisha Sethi of JTSA, Adv Sarim Naved and noted legal scholar Usha Ramanathan.

Some of the main issues highlighted by them were:-

NCHRO demands judicial probe into Nilambur encounter Killing PDF Print E-mail
News from Victims - StateViolations

altKozhikode, Nov 26, 2016 The National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) today demanded a judicial probe into killings of two Maoists in a stage managed encounter with police in Nilambur forests in Kerala on November 24. Kuppuswamy alias Devaraj and Ajitha alias Kaveri were killed in an encounter with police in Paduka forest range.


NCHRO demanding a judicial inquiry rather than the routine magisterial inquiry by treating it as culpable homicide and issuing an FIR. The country has seen a significant uptick in the number of Fake Encounters. The term “encounter” itself  is a widely understood euphemism for extra-judicial killings. Fake encounters introduce terror as a component of governance and erode its very democratic essence.The way the law and order machinery functions or the overall policing climate, all point towards wanton misuse of power and underprivileged are naturally at the receiving end of injustice and many of them pay with their lives.


A faked killing is not an aberration of a few runaway miscreant officers; it is an integral if shadowy element of the system itself, one in which the State eliminates its own people. No one to bypass and sabotage standard operating procedures and regular law-compliant methods, No body can exercise the terrifying power to snuff out human , everybody has to respect the legal foundation on which civilised society is built. Thoughtful leadership and strong civilian oversight would help improve ways to handle use of force in policing.


Unfortunately, the truth behind the encounter killing will probably remain elusive, and justice, if due to the victims’ families, will be long in coming. 

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