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Solidarity with Jean Dreze and Bela Batia PDF Print E-mail
NCHRO - NCHRO Tamil Nadu

Chennai: NCHRO  condemned the attack on the development economist Prof. Jean Dreze and his partner Bela Batia, a human rights activist living with tribal people and working for their benefits. A statement issued by Prof A Marx,the chairperson of the human rights body said that two days back a group of people came to the place nears Jagadalpur in which Bela Batia is living, shouting slogans against her and instigated the people around against her. They had also threatened the owner of the house in which she is living. Fortunately, since people around were very friendly with Bela Batia nothing serious happened on that day. The real reason behind the attack is that Bela is responsible for filing a complaint against the security forces who had raped and unleashed sexual violence against some tribal women few weeks before.

NCHRO rendered Legal Aid to Hyderabad Central University Students:- PDF Print E-mail
NCHRO - NCHRO Andrha Pradesh

altMar 28, 2016, Hyderabad:-  Nearly a week after they were arrested, 25 students and two professors from the Hyderabad Central University have been granted bail.  A team of service minded Advocates Mr. Ragunath, Mr. Bheemrao, Mr. Shakeel and 4 junior advocates tirelessly worked for their Bail.


NCHRO Telangana chapter Convener Mohamed Abid and other leaders worked with the advocate team.


The NCHRO was at the forefront in supporting students in Hyderabad Central University. NCHRO team lead by Prof A Marx, visited the campus and held a press conference at Hyderabad on January 28 & 29 and now NCHRO render the legal support to the students to come out on bail. NCHRO Legal team had done all documentation work for three days along with the Advocate team.

Let us Protect the idea of JNU PDF Print E-mail

Professor Marx addressing Press conferenceNew Delhi,Feb, 25, 2016 : The National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) sent a team to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi to express its solidarity with the students and teachers who are fighting for their constitutional rights of free speech within the campus.

The members of the team are:  Prof. A.Marx, Chair Person, National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) G.Sugumaran, Ex Co  Member, NCHRO. P.Abdul Nazar, National President, Campus Front of India. Anees Ansari, Stae President, Popular Front of India, Rajasthan, Sahibe Alam,  Social Activist, Uttar Pradesh.

The team visited the campus on 24-Feb-2016 and met various sections of students and teachers and spent a whole day with them. The people whom we met include Shehla Rashid (Vice President, JNUSU), Sucheta De (National President, AISA), Lenin (Former JNUSU President), Theepanchan (SFI), Jayabalan (Scholar), Kavitha (scholar), Geetha (Scholar), Prof Ajit Kanna (JNUTA), Prof  Jothi Bhosley (Jt. Secy, JNUTA).

We also met so many other students and scholars in the campus.


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