NCHRO Condmn the arrest of Varavara Rao and Adv. D Suresh Print

21 September 2014

Around  100s of activists from different states Bengal, Chatisgad  including the revolutionary writer, poet and activist Varavara Rao, Chandrashekhar(APCLC), Bela Ravindranadh (CRPP)  and Adv D. Suresh Kumar, the National Executive Committee  Member, NCHRO were arrested in Hyderabad in the early hours of today (Sept 21, 2014) by the Telengana police. We understand that the ultimate motive of this arrest is to disrupt a meeting to be held today in the city organised by the Forum for the Political Alternative. The NCHRO condemns this high handed and highly repressive action by the Telangana police. We bring to the notice of the state govt that activists like Varavara Rao and Adv Suresh Kumar had played a significant role in the Telangana movement. We demand the immediate release of all those.arrested.

Prf.Marx (Chairperson) Prf.P Koya (Sec.Gen)