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About CHRO

Based in Kerala, the Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (CHRO) stand to protect, uphold and strengthen the rights of traditionally exploited and oppressed marginalized social segments of Tribals, Dalits, Minorities, Backward Castes, Women, Children and victims of State Violations.

CHRO (Confederation of Human Rights Organizations) was formed in 1997, as an effort to have a common platform for of individuals and organizations that have been fighting for the cause of human rights in Kerala.

CHRO  was formed to serve as a means of maintaining liaison, exchanging information, and coordinating activities among indviduals as well as organizations in order to improve the efficiency of human rights concerns in Kerala.

With uncompromising opposition against the present Hindutva Fascist threats, CHRO work strictly beyond party-vote-power politics. Basically a coordinating body of like-minded groups and individuals, CHRO function independently without depending upon either State or Foreign Funds. All those who agree with this basic concept, and especially Keralites anywhere in the world, are welcome to join CHRO.

If you would like to work with CHRO, please mail us your brief profile to:


In 2004,  New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) acknowledged  the help rendered by CHRO in conducting the Kerala/Indian part of the study of its 135 page report on Migrant workers abused in Saudi Arabia..

HRW report says:

"Mukundan C. Menon, Secretary-General of the nongovernmental Confederation of Human Rights Organizations of Kerala (CHRO), carried out advance work for this report in Kerala state in India in 2003 as a consultant to Human Rights Watch. He accompanied Ms. Sherry in Kerala in November and December 2003, and served as an indefatigable interpreter and logistician. Human Rights Watch acknowledges his efforts with deep appreciation and those of his CHRO colleagues throughout the state, who helped arrange meetings with returned migrant workers and families of Keralites who were executed or are still imprisoned in Saudi Arabia."

The 135-page report, "Bad Dreams: Exploitation and Abuse of Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia". was authored by Ms. Virginia N. Sherry, Associate Director of HRW's Middle East and North Africa Division.