//CHRO programme against Hindutva Fascism

CHRO programme against Hindutva Fascism

Counter Hindutva Fascism through Secular Action :
CHRO’s Ten Point Program of Secular Action in Kerala and among Malayalees worldwide

1) I will NOT judge a person by her or his religion, race or cultural background, but by the content of their character, behaviour, approach and orientation towards the larger secular-democratic society.

2) I will NOT support any business concern that supports hatred against Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits, Tribals or any other minority in India. Of course, I will buy from ALL OTHERS, except those who support or spread the cult of hatred against Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Dalits, Tribals, and other ethnic/linguistic/national minorities.

3) I will NOT accept the Hindutva communal hatred as a political ideology, even if my family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances support it. I will voice opposition to every expression of hatred within my family, neighbourhood, community, and work-place with conviction. I WILL SPEAK AGAINST HINDUTVA FASCISM — EVEN IF MY VOICE SHAKES AND REPRESENTS THE LONELY VOICE.

4) I will work hard to change the minds and approach of my family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues who mistakenly admire the ideas of Hindutva. Towards this goal, I will strive to learn everyday about the lives and concerns of the minorities, with empathy and respect. I will put myself in THEIR shoes to understand MYSELF better.

5) I will work hard to engage in LEARNING about the true and undistorted history of India — as a history to which numerous peoples, cultures, religions, castes, races and nationalities contributed for thousands of years.

6) I will NOT participate in any programme which denigrates, de-humanises, or vilifies Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Dalits, Tribals or any other ethnic/national/linguistic minorities of India. I will challenge the Hindutva propaganda of falsehood, distortions and fallacies with facts and knowledge.

7) I will JOIN HANDS with all individuals and groups, who are genuinely secular and democratic, to strengthen and safeguard Indian Constitution which is under threat from Hindutva fascists. This will be done by spreading the message of true communal harmony, and the need for united struggle and action for equality, human rights and physical security.

8) I will build bridges EVERYDAY, even in most insignificant manner, by showing an attitude of respect towards all other FELLOW HUMANBEINGS. I will strive to make friendship ACROSS religious and cultural bounds. At the same time, I will expose all those self-styled intellectuals, socio-cultural-literary figures and party-politicians who, overtly or covertly, support Hindutva fascism. I will also strive hard to make such public figures realise the need to reject invitations to attend or participate at the functions of various Sangh Parivar fascist bodies functioning under various garbs so as to ensure total and absolute isolation of Hindutva fascists from the larger secular-democratic polity.

9) I will REMEMBER the supreme sacrifices of all those who laid down their lives in the peaceful or non-peaceful struggle for India’s freedom. I will do this remembering so that the struggle continues to protect, preserve, and enlarge freedom, equality and secular democracy as enshrined in independent India’s Constitution and which is precisely under threat from the Hindutva fascists of Sangh Parivar.

10) I will strive hard to protect the minorities whenever threatened or attacked by Sangh Parivar fascists within my neighbourhood, apart from expressing my sympathies and support to similarly suffering minorities in distant places as in Gujarat now.

Mukundan C. Menon
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