//New guideline sought for labelling parties `extremist’

New guideline sought for labelling parties `extremist’

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Confederation of Human Rights (CHRO), Kerala, has called upon the state governments to develop a conviction-based system for branding a political or social outfit as "terrorist" or "extremist". Calling the bureaucratic labelling of parties or outfits as "terrorist" ludicrous, CHRO secretary Mukundan Menon said instead of some so-called intelligence reports recommending one or the other outfit as extremist, the state governments should go by the court convictions of a decade or two before branding a political or social organisation terrorist.
The demand came in the wake of the Kerala government bracketing Shiv Sena and the RSS with the PDP. Menon said this business of panting terrorists had become so hilarious that the Congress-ruled Karnataka has docketed the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), a major coalition constituent of the Kerala government, in the extremist list.
Similarly, the Antony government had included RSS and Shiv Sena in Kerala in the terrorist list. When the Sena spokesman pointed out that the Sena MP was the Lok Sabha Speaker and the Sena was a ruling party in India, Chief Minister A.K. Antony asked the Home ministry to recast the list remarking that the had no great faith in the methodology of branding outfits extremists.
The CHRO therefore asked the state government to bring out a white paper containing full details of court verdicts of the past 20 years to show which activists of the 13 organisations branded extremist were found guilty.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002, Times of India