//Human rights becoming a privilege of the rich: Sudheeran

Human rights becoming a privilege of the rich: Sudheeran

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The need for a movement led by committed leaders to safeguard the human rights of the poor and disadvantaged sections of society was stressed by speakers at a meeting organised by the Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (CHRO) to pay tributes to the late journalist-activist Mukundan C. Menon here on Friday.

The Congress leader V.M. Sudheeran said human rights had become the privilege of the rich and the influential. The old concept of `politics for public good’ had given place to the principle of `politics for the sake of politics’ and, that too, the politics of power.

He said that contrary to public expectation, many movements and individuals were now siding with vested interests. What was more worrisome was that these forces were now consolidating themselves as a front to protect these interests.

N.K. Premachandran, MP, said that even Parliament was showing tardiness in enacting laws to end the ordeal of under-trials, including the People’s Democratic Party leader Abdul Nasir Maudany, who had been languishing for years in prison without being brought before the courts of justice.

The Marxist ideologue P. Govinda Pillai said the biggest threat to human rights was posed by those who wielded power.

The former Minister G. Karthikeyan also spoke.

(THE HINDU 17-12-05)