//Book on human rights introduced in India

Book on human rights introduced in India

Sunday, December 25, 2005 , PTI

NEW DELHI: India where average literacy is 57 per cent and particularly in some regions like Bihar the official figure indicates only 47 per cent, to think about legal literacy will be irrelevant.

Situation becomes pathetic when a common man has to face warrants, police-custody, detention, court-summons, and long lasting trails.

The South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre (SAHRDC) has come forward and tried to help the citizen by compiling ‘Handbook of Human Rights and Criminal Justice in India’, keeping in mind their requirements at the time of distress.

"This is designed to assist in the protection of the civil and political rights of those people who are confronted with the criminal justice system. Civil and political rights are fundamental rights that provide for fair and equal treatment under the law, and protection against harm by the state," says the compiling team introducing the book..’

 This book provides an up to date review of the criminal procedure code, which is often considered lenghty and complex and has tried to set out the hierchial structure of the police and judiciary and their functions in the criminal justice system.

It lucidly explains the provisions and rules that the police and courts must follow while dealing with criminal complaints.

This is a complete guide giving a clear account of the rights of citizens and non citizens, both in all relevant
situations- including arrest, police investigation of an offence, detention before trial, seeking bail, search,
interrogation and trial, the handbook is an important tool for negotiating the criminal justice system.