//CPI(M) demands Swami Ramdev's arrest

CPI(M) demands Swami Ramdev's arrest

The CPI(M) today took out a protest march in the city condemning the "vandalism and attack" by the followers of Swami Ramdev at the party’s Delhi headquarters and demanding his immediate arrest for allegedly producing medicines having animal parts and bones. All the Left Front partners joined the CPI(M)’s protest march which covered a one-km stretch from Ananda Palit Road to the Park Circus area in the south-east part of the metropolis..

CPI(M) state Secretary and Politburo member Anil Biswas described the attack on party office as "fascist" and alleged that "the nature of vandalism smacks of hands of RSS and Shiv Sena". Biswas said that he would like the Congress to condemn the attack "as we (CPI-M) came out in the open to protest BJP attack of Congress office in Delhi 12 years ago." "We would like all secular forces to condemn this incident," he said.The CPI(M) leader alleged that the Ramdev followers were "frustrated" at the "fall in medicine sale" in the Swami’s pharmacy after Brinda Karat’s allegation of animal parts being found in the medicines produced there, "proved to be true in laboratory tests." He said CITU had launched an agitation against retrenchment of 110 workers in Ramdev’s factory recently.

The CPI(M) leader also criticised RJD supremo Lalu Prasad’s support for Ramdev, adding that the Railway Minister’s view was "most unscientific and instigating". The rally later adopted a resolution condemning the attack and demanding Ramdev’s arrest

Out look, Jan5, 2006.