//Diploma Course in Dalit Studies

Diploma Course in Dalit Studies

Diploma Course on Dalit Studies

Booshakthi Kendra, the Dalit Ashram
Nelahal P O
Tumkur Taluk 572128
Tumkur Dist. Karnataka


Two Full Years

September 2006 – August 2008


The Booshakthi Kendra, Nelahal
The Training Center of REDS, Tumkur
The Villages of Tumkur District for Field Studies

                           Course Philosophy

Dalit Communities all over India have an unexplored and unasserted
wealth of knowledge that has been submerged by the shenanigans of
dominant caste forces in India. It is time such knowledge is given an
international visibility so that it becomes a focal point for
International communities to engage Dalitism as an equal partner in
discourses of governance. In order to do this it is necessary to
evolve scientific forms and expressions of this knowledge system.

                          Course Objective

To provide the necessary learning ambience to genuinely searching
young Dalit women and men from all over India so that either during
the Diploma Course or after that they become part of a recognized
Dalit Intelligentsia capable of standing up to any level of
intellectual engagement with the rest of the world.

                              Course Aims

The Diploma Course aims at providing a learning space for young Dalit
women and men for a limited period of two years.

It is the aim of the Course that such young women and men will
transform themselves into effective instruments in the hands of the
Dalit people for their holistic liberation.

It is aimed through this Diploma Course to create a critical
intellectual mass of Dalit community which will look at its
assumptions of realities as well as help the larger society to look at
its assumptions and will constantly remain a challenge to dominance of
any kind in society.

It is aimed to create a Dalit community resource through this Diploma
Course that will go back and remain with the community in all its
struggles of life at all levels.

The Diploma Course aims to create a new Dalit Intelligentsia that will
give national and international visibility to the aspirations and
values of the Dalit people all over the world.