//Brinda presents workers from yoga guru’s pharmacy

Brinda presents workers from yoga guru’s pharmacy

1/8/2006 (Source: IANS) New Delhi: Reiterating her allegations against yoga guru Swami Ramdev, Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) MP, Brinda Karat yesterday produced workers from the spiritual leader’s pharmacy before the media, who claimed to have witnessed animal and human remains being used in the manufacture of herbal medicines. Addressing a press conference along with Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) leaders, Karat said, neither she nor the CPM were against yoga, ayurveda, homeopathy or any other indigenous healthcare system. She said that workers at Ramdev’s pharmacy in Uttaranchal were treated very badly. Karat said the workers had informed various authorities including President APJ Abdul Kalam about human and animal parts being used in the manufacture of medicines. “The matter was suppressed then,” she alleged. Denying allegations that she had been influenced by multinational drug companies against whom the yoga guru has declared a war, Karat said: “I have full faith in these workers. These poor workers will not lie, nor are they representatives of any MNCs.” Ramdev, who has million of followers around the country and is a popular figure on television with his yoga exposition, was accused by Karat of using human bones and animal testicles to add potency to his drugs that claim to cure a wide range of diseases, including cancer and sexual ailments. “I am a yoga practitioner myself. Ayurveda is flourishing in Kerala, with the full support of our party men. West Bengal is the centre of homeopathy and we have never been accused of being against it,” Brinda Karat told reporters.