//RSS responsible for Partition: Arjun Singh

RSS responsible for Partition: Arjun Singh

Press Trust Of India, Indian Express, Posted online: Saturday, January 07, 2006 at 1556 hours IST

Bhopal, January 7: Holding the RSS and Hindu Mahasabha responsible for Partition, senior Congress leader and Union HRD Minister Arjun Singh today claimed that the BJP would collapse like a pack of cards due to "its inner contradictions and hollow principles."

"Though Mohammedd Ali Jinnah is considered the founder of the two-nation theory, history is witness that Hindu Mahasabha and RSS were instrumental in projecting Hindus and Muslims as separate and claiming they cannot stay together," Singh said at a seminar on ‘the real face of BJP’ here.

"It is true that Jinnah took advantage of the two-nation theory when the country was about to get independence by seeking formation of Pakistan, but the first to conceptualise the division were Hindu Mahasabha and RSS," Singh said, accusing the Sangh of giving a wrong direction to history.

Hailing the role of Congress leaders, Singh said if they had given up their efforts to keep the country intact, India would have remained backward like Pakistan without experiencing development.

Ridiculing the BJP for "shedding tears for partition" and blaming the Congress for it, the minister said that the Muslim population in India is much larger than that in Pakistan.

"They are here not due to helplessness or compulsion but because of an atmosphere of trust and confidence," Singh said adding that while accusing Congress of appeasement, BJP must realise "it is meant for our own people and countrymen."

Describing the BJP as a party suffering from inherent contradictions and hollow principles, Singh said, "It is like a pack of cards and one cannot imagine how it will collapse. But someone has to blow the wind."

Asking Congressmen to be active participants in efforts to rejuvenate the party across the country, Singh said that while the BJP is in a bad shape due to inner conflicts, the Congress has policies, programmes and principles.

According to Singh, the BJP’s condition could be gauged by the fact that former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee chose to remain quiet at the recent silver jubilee national convention of the saffron party in Mumbai.

However, the Congress stronghold can be seen in five-six states while concrete steps must be taken to strengthen the party in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and partymen must discuss ways and means in this regard, he said, adding that strategies for this can be discussed within the party without committing indiscipline.

"It was under Sonia Gandhi’s leadership that the party bounced back to power at the Centre heading the UPA government," he said adding that she toured every nook and corner of the country, convinced people and inspired them.

"Now, partymen should become active and work hard to make people aware of the benefits of having Congress at the helm of affairs," the minister said adding the coming session of the party in Hyderabad would be significant.

Singh also alleged harassment of Christians in tribal-dominated Jhabua and accused the BJP of making hollow promises to come to power in the state. "The saffron party would be thrown out if Congress workers work unitedly to make people aware of ground realities," he added.