//‘Cremated boy’ returns home!

‘Cremated boy’ returns home!

NDTV.com / January 9, 2006/ — A boy believed to have died has returned to his family in Ahmedabad.//// His return was shocking because the family cremated an unidentified body mistaking it for their son. /// The unclaimed body was shown to the Makwana family by railway security personnel. /// “The face of the dead person, which was shown to me by the police was beyond identification,” said Vitthal Makwana. “But the complexion and height of the deceased, as also the shirt on the body made me believe that it was my son Ramesh who had left home a few days back”. /// But neighbours are rattled to see the ‘dead boy’ alive. “Everybody in the area started staring at me as if I were a ghost,” said Ramesh. // Meanwhile, local police are in trouble as they need to identify the body that was cremated and explain the huge error. ///————– http://www.ndtv.com/morenews/showmorestory.asp?slug=%27Cremated+boy%27+returns+home&id=83463&category=National