//On the verge of extinction, but a few of them were spotted here

On the verge of extinction, but a few of them were spotted here

Good Samaritans are hard to find these days, particularly in cities. But, wait before taking it to be unfailing truth — exceptions, sometimes, prove to be the rule

In the peak of New Year eve celebrations in the city, a young man lay bleeding and unconscious on a busy Kochi road. He had been thrown off his motorbike by a speeding car. The heartless car driver did not bother to take a second look at his victim, lest his New Year celebration should get ruined. The young man lay there, in no-man’s land between life and death.

Three young men, eager to make merry on the New Year night at Fort Kochi, came dashing in on their motorcycles. They stopped by, took a look at the injured man and decided to save him.

The three — Tommy, Shameer and Shihab of Chakkaraparambu, near Vyttila, — picked up the unconscious man, hired an autorickshaw and took him to the nearest hospital. Just in the nick of time.

The three youngsters and an autorickshaw driver, Joby Sebastian, noticed a bag lying close to the young man’s damaged motorcycle. There were cash and cheques valued at over a Rs. 1 lakh. They took the bag to the hospital authorities to be handed over to the accident victim later on, and using the telephone numbers they got from the bag, called up friends and relatives of the young man.

The young Samaritans’ kindness did not go unnoticed. The next day — New Year Day — , the four were honoured and showered with praises at a function organised by the Navjeevan Centre at Kaloor.

They were each given a copy of Mahatma Gandhi’s My Experiments With Truth.

K.P.M. Basheer

Hindu, Jan 8, 2006.