//"There May be More Mass Graves in Gujarat "(British Muslims)

"There May be More Mass Graves in Gujarat "(British Muslims)

[Courtesy: The MilliGazette ] —- COUNCIL of INDIAN MUSLIMS (UK) / PRESS RELEASE —– London, 3 January, 2006: London based advocacy group, Council of Indian Muslims — UK (CIM) has deplored the filing of cases against Muslims, who discovered mass grave in Gujarat, as outrageous and travesty with justice. “This is what the minorities, specially Muslims, can expect under the fascist Chief Minister like Narendra Modi.” CIM’s chairman Mr Munaf Zeena said in a statement issued today. /// “Punishing the victims for discovering the proof of the crimes of the fascist regime and its supporters and accusing them of destroying evidence is unprecedented in legal history. The Central Government must immediately intervene and cases against the innocent people must be immediately withdrawn while an inquiry must be conducted by the CBI.” Zeena demanded. /// “The way Gujarat Government has reacted to the discovery of mass grave in Pandharwada and Lunavada creates doubts that there are other mass graves that the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are scared of being uncovered.” /// “Let Modi and his fascist colleagues know that the end of any tyrant is humiliation; and no matter what dirty tricks they play sooner or later Modi & Co will have to face humiliation and wrath of the masses.” Zeena said. ———————————————————————- http://www.milligazette.com/IndMusStat/2006a/999-CIM-UK-gujarat-graves-3jan06.htm