//Gujarat BJP shocked by Vaidya

Gujarat BJP shocked by Vaidya

DNAINDIA.COM, Tuesday, January 10, 2006

AHMEDABAD: Senior RSS leader M G Vaidya’s article in a Marathi daily blaming local BJP leaders for the Sanjay Joshi CD has shocked party leaders here. In his column, Vaidya accused Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi of masterminding the sleaze CD involving Joshi. The CD has cost Joshi his powerful position in BJP.  

While the chief minister’s office preferred to remain silent, BJP spokesperson Yamal Vyas said, “We are all shocked. We did not expect RSS to point fingers. We don’t want to comment on it.” When asked about Vaidya’s confession of a third CD, Vyas feigned ignorance.

A senior BJP leader, when asked to comment on the possibility of chief minister Narendra Modi’s hand in the scam, said, “Sanjay Joshi is not a part of the BJP anymore. The issue is being dragged on.”

But the Leader of Opposition Congressman Arjun Modhvadiya was quick to blame Modi. “Modi is definitely behind the entire scam. He has favoured the girl in the CD with numerous illegal jobs to her and her family. She was aware that the act was being filmed. The RSS has only vindicated my argument,” he said.

Explaining Modi’s motivation behind the alleged act, Modhvadiya said that Joshi was the RSS representative in BJP and Advani had recently taken up cudgels with the RSS.

“Modi is in Advani’s camp and he will go to any lengths to get what he wants. Besides, Modi and Joshi rivals within the Sangh Parivar.” So are cracks developing in the Parivar? “Not cracks, it is nearing demise,” added Modhvadiya.

The article has brought cheers to the anti Modi camps in the state BJP, who have been privately saying that sleaze CD was Modi’s handiwork. “We have always believed that Modi was involved in that dirty deed,” was the reaction of a senior Gujarat BJP leader.