//Kerala State Human Rights Commission' s domain name expired

Kerala State Human Rights Commission' s domain name expired

The official website of Kerala State Human Rights Commission, www.humanrightskerala.org went offline  with a message " This domain name expired on Jan 11, 2006

The Kerala State Human Rights Commission was set up by the Government of Kerala on 11th December 1998 under Section 21 of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993. The Commission comprises a Chairman and two members.

In Jan 2003, driven by a combination of "Internet Fever", The Kerala Human Rights Commission,  went online. Unfortunately, Keltron, which poorly  manages and rarely updates Kerala Human Rights Commission’s official website probably don’t have an  idea of the renewal date of KSHRC’s Domain name. The Organizations should register domain names in their own names instead of their employee names. But,most governmental agencies had no policy in place for domain registrations and many of them are potentially registered by different employees, with varied details and with different suppliers (registrars).

After one  year of new registration, domains are due for renewal. Generally, the renewal notice is sent to one or more of the contact names on the original application, yet many of these people have since moved employers or changed roles, or perhaps the organization itself has moved office. This leaves organizations at risk of missing renewal notifications on valuable domain names, which could mean the temporary closure of a website and bounced (returned) email, or even worse, the domain name could be permanently lost to sophisticated speculators using high-speed systems to snap up expiring names.

Kerala State Human Rights Commission’s website  was registered  under a personal name of Mr. Thomas C Varghese, an empolyee of Keltron House, Vellayambalam,Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala – 695033, India, Phone:+91.471724444, FAX:+91.471724545.

KSHRC’s website is one of the slowest  to access, because It is hosted along with other  20818 websites in a server located at New Jersey – USA (Source : whois.sc) Comparing to National Human Rights Commission, KSHRC’s website  is having an inconsistent navigation design and lack regular update.  A poorly designed website is a great way to let people know you don’t take pride in what you do..