//No plan for legislation on cyber cafe users

No plan for legislation on cyber cafe users

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala has no plans to bring a law for keeping tabs on cyber cafe users.
Chief Secretary M. Vijayanunni said here on Wednesday that there had been no decision at the higher level to make it mandatory for cyber café owners to keep records on the identity of its customers as in Karnataka.

The Chief Secretary said that there was little reason for a knee-jerk reaction because someone had sent a hoax e-mail claiming that a bomb had been placed in Parliament. The Centre had issued no directive to the States following the incident.

Dr. Vijayanunni added that it would not be right to impose restrictions on use of cyber cafes.
Besides Karnataka, States like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Maharastra keep some kind of tabs on cyber café users. However, their effectiveness in preventing cyber crimes is in doubt.The Government has set up a five-member committee recently to consider regulation on tracking users of cyber cafés as per orders of the High Court.

It is looking into the recommendations of the committee set up by Mumbai High Court and also the order of the Kerala High Court on the subject. The proposals include registration of cyber cafes and identification of users. There are also recommendations against maintenance of closed cubicles and entry of children. However, no decision has been taken on whether to have such regulations or not, IT Mission Director Anand Singh said.

States are generally reluctant to impose restrictions on a sunrise industry at this stage. Even Karnataka has not introduced registration.

Hindu, Jan12, 2006