//Human rights groups flay AP hospital

Human rights groups flay AP hospital

(Hyderabad): Andhra Pradesh Women’s Commission and human rights groups have criticized the administration of the Gandhi Hospital. This is after the shocking incident of a woman delivering a baby in the parking lot of the hospital. “Inadequate facilities, inadequate doctors, overburdened, that is not a reason. It is because of negligence that this has happened,” said Kavita Shinde, an activist of human rights group Sakshi. “The doctors themselves said corruption is going on in class IV. For Rs 500, she was not allowed to enter,” said Archana Singh, a women’s activist. The labour ward of the hospital has 11 nurses who between them handle upto 700 deliveries in a month. The hospital authorities say Durga walked out on her own volition to go to a private hospital but eyewitnesses say she was refused admission even though she was already in labour. NDTV.com / Saturday, January 14, 2006 //