//Bhagalpur jail advertises for hangman

Bhagalpur jail advertises for hangman

Bhagalpur jail in Bihar is faced with an unusual problem. It got its 27th inmate on death row when a fast-track court sentenced watchman Bahadur Yadav to death
But there’s no hangman to carry out the penalty and the last serving hangman was only filling in.
"Besides my salary, I used to get extra money for hanging people," said Damodar Mehta, Hangman.

After he left, jail authorities had to advertise for a new hangman. But in response, it received many applications from unemployed graduates who were willing to take on even the terrible vocation in order to have a job.Their reasons are justifiable in their own right, since they did it out of frustration.

But the fact remains that in addition to the many problems facing the Nitish government in Bihar, the Bhagalpur jail urgently requires a hangman