//Guard held for firing to scare kids

Guard held for firing to scare kids

Mumbai mirror / January 18 2006
Guard held for firing to scare kids

A security guard of Ambarnath Municipal School, Gafur Khan, was arrested recently after he used a weapon, without a proper licence, to fire in the air to disperse unruly boys. 
On November 21, some local boys entered the premises of Ambarnath Municipal School and began urinating in a corner. Khan drove the boys away and warned them not to return. The boys returned after a while with some of their friends. The group of 10-12 boys then began heckling Khan. An irritated Khan reportedly rushed towards the boys and fired in the air with his rifle.
“Fortunately nobody was injured. We were all shocked. Someone from the area then called the police,” said Jagdish, a local shop owner.
Khan said, “I fired the rifle for self protection. The boys were unnecessarily troubling me. I just wanted to make them leave.”
He surrendered at the Ambarnath police station on the same day. However, he was not taken into custody since the cops were investigating the validity of his licence

On January 9, after having ascertained that Khan’s weapon licence was not valid in Mumbai, the Ambernath police arrested him under IPC 336 (endangering the life and safety of others) and the Arms Act. Khan, who is now out on bail, is back at his job.

Khan is a resident of Surankot and is employed with the Industrial Caretakers Security Agency based in Mumbai.

Vinod Jadhav, owner of the security agency is required to check the validity of his employee’s weapon licence. He was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, the Ambarnath police station have begun checking weapons licence of other security guards. “The incident created panic in the area. We called Jadhav and warned him to get all his armed men registered with the police,” an officer said.