//Harassment of students: call for immediate action

Harassment of students: call for immediate action

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Forum of Aggrieved Student Architects (FoASA) has demanded immediate action on the recommendations of the syndicate sub-committee of the University of Kerala that inquired into allegations of harassment of students by some teachers at the Department of Architecture, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam. Addressing a press conference here on Mon day, Forum president Feroz Shah Farid said the aggrieved students plan to approach the Government to press for a vigilance probe into the harassment of students. "Even though the syndicate sub-committee has recommended suspension of two lecturers and warning to be issued for three others, we fear that the teachers will use their political clout for delaying the implementation of these recommendations. Meanwhile they will also use their position in the department to further destroy evidence of their harassment of students," he said.

Many such disciplinary recommendations in the past against the head of the Department of Architecture have remained on paper so far. The Forum has also petitioned the State Human Rights Commission over this matter, he added.

Hindu, Jan 17, 2006