//Counselling centre opens for suicidal expats

Counselling centre opens for suicidal expats

Dubai, Jan 17, 2006.

The alarming increase in suicide cases among Indian expatriates has prompted a Dubai-based Indian organisation, to set up a counselling centre for those who consider suicide an easy way out from their problems."Financial crisis was the main reason, followed by pathetic living conditions and broken marriages among all those who committed suicide among Indians in the UAE," said K.V. Shamsudheen, Chairman of the Pravasi Bandhu Trust.


Pravasi Bandhu Welfare Trust has launched "Sandwanam" a counselling centre that comprises a team of psychiatrists and sociologists."While the cost of living is sky rocketing, the income remains the same. Most of them come here with a lot of expectations by paying huge amounts of money to secure a visa for themselves," he added. Frustration, he said, also sets in when their families back home do not comprehend the hardships faced by them in the Gulf.

According to him, their families back home start living with extraordinary comforts and even demand money from the NRI (non-resident Indian) breadwinner.

"In my conversation with a number of expatriates especially from the middle and low income group I found a majority of them complaining that their financial state of affairs is not taken into consideration by their families back home. They are being treated like a money minting machine," said Shamsudheen.

"Expatriates then find ways to take loans from individual lenders with very high interest, from banks and credit cards and very soon they fall into a debt trap," he added.

Asked about the increase in broken marriages among expatriate Indians, Shamsudheen said that in a majority of the cases the newly-weds do not get enough time with each other. "On many occasions it so happens that the situation does not permit an expatriate to fulfil all his family’s expectations," Shamsudheen said

Troubling figures

* Three suicides recorded among Indians this week one in Dubai and two in Sharjah

* Over the past three months the number of reported suicides in UAE among Indians were 20, of which the majority were Keralites

* In the past year the total number of suicides among Indian expatriates is estimated to be more than 50 in the UAE alone


Those who wish to seek help can call +9711.50.6467801

For more information, http://www.pravasibandhu.com/