//Youth attacked at hospital

Youth attacked at hospital

Thiruvananthapuram: In yet another incident of gangland rivalry, a four-member hit squad wielding swords entered the General Hospital on Tuesday morning and hacked a 35-year-old youth who was admitted in one of the wards. The police identified the injured person as Jose Kuttan. Assistant Commissioner, Shanghumugham, P. Sarajan said a gang owing allegiance to Sajan Antony alias `Airport’ Sajan carried out the attack on Jose.
Jose Kuttan had been admitted to the hospital at 8 a.m. after he was injured in a fight between two groups owing allegiance to Polly and Sajan near the Airport Cargo Complex.

Around 9 a.m., a rival gang member who sustained injuries in the scuffle was also admitted to the ward. The attack happened around 11 a.m.

According to hospital staff, four youths wielding swords entered the ward by scaling the wall.

They attacked Jose who was lying on a bed in Ward 5. Jose sustained four cuts, including three deep ones on his neck, brow and hand. Jose raised a loud cry and ran out of the ward.

The attackers left the hospital premises in an un-hurried manner. Soon, the relatives of Jose raised a hue and cry in front of the hospital. A large police force soon reached the hospital.

Circle Inspector, Cantonment, Somarajan said one Alex, Renjith, Dhanish, Binu and Bruno have been named as accused in the case. The charges against them include attempt to murder, violation of the arms act, trespass, rioting and conspiracy.

City Police Commissioner Dinendra Kashyap said the groups led by Sajan and Polly had been in conflict with each other for the past several years.

There had been several instances of violence involving the two groups, including the armed attack near the Poojappura Central Prison.

Mr. Kashyap said the activities of the two groups were being studied for effective police action.

Old cases involving the gang members would also be reviewed, he said.