//Dalit teacher assaulted in Bihar village

Dalit teacher assaulted in Bihar village

NDTV.com / January 19 2006
Dalit teacher assaulted in Bihar village
A teacher was brutally assaulted in a Bihar village by locals who couldn’t accept the fact that their children were being taught by a dalit.


Satyanarayan Prasad is in a state of shock. For 12 years his being a dalit didn’t come in the way of his work as a teacher at the Bhoodhar Tola village school near Patna. However, the situation took a turn in mid-December when he was beaten up by the members of the dominant Yadav caste in the village."These people say that I am a harijan, how can he teach our children. I was even prevented from offering prayers in the temple," said Prasad.

Shocking incident —What is more shocking is that even after a month since the incident, the police haven’t taken any action against the accused.The accused allege that Prasad was not providing his students the government-provided mid-day meal. "We asked the teacher to provide midday meals to the children. He then said that he is not concerned with the children," said Amarnath Yadav, an accused.

But some villagers claimed that Prasad is innocent and did not manipulate the food rations meant for children. "He was brutally assaulted because he is a dalit. He received head injuries and had to undergo stitches," said Vijay Prabhat Yadav, resident of Bhoodhar Tola village.

‘Insignificant’ incident —Pasad has lodged a complaint with the police and the education department.
Terming the incident as insignificant, the police turned away a NDTV team when it approached them.
Apart from Prasad, his 70 odd students are also suffering as they don’t have any other teacher.

The incident is a glaring example of how rampant untouchability still exists in the society of Bihar