//Politicians in Kerala pay lip service for Madhany's release

Politicians in Kerala pay lip service for Madhany's release

1/18/2006 Source ::: The Peninsula/ by John Mary

Thiruvananthapuram: That politicians end up paying lip service for the release of jailed Muslim cleric Abdul Nasser Madhany, accused of plotting to kill former deputy prime minister L K Advani, has been evident in the demand for an Assembly resolution for his freedom.

At a joint action sit-in and march taken out in Kollam yesterday, the Madhany’s home district, former Speaker V M Sudheeran demanded that the Assembly should pass a unanimous resolution for the release of the cleric, accused of masterminding the Coimbatore serial blasts in 1998.

Sudheeran wanted Kerala Government to move the resolution, which would get the support from both sides in the House since all 140 legislators in the state had a feeling that the Madhany had been denied natural justice and that the executive and the judiciary were in the dock.

Former Kerala Law Secretary C Khalid, who had secured bail for the Madhany in 18 different cases in Kerala, told The Peninsula that Sudheeran’s demand was quite illogical since no legislature in the country was expected to pass a resolution on a criminal case being heard by a court, prescribing what judicial redress should be granted to an accused.

The People’s Democratic Party, of which the Madhany is the chairman, had recently approached the Supreme Court seeking his bail or parole since he has been suffering from a slew of ailments, requiring expert treatment outside the jail. The PDP enlisted senior lawyer Fali S Nariman to appear in the court but he could not get any relief other than a direction for expert treatment within the jail.

There were valid grounds for seeking the release in the light of a decision by the apex court that an accused who had served more than 50 percent of the jail term against a particular crime could seek bail, pointed out Khalid.

However, in this case, the attempt to bail him out, though with the best of intentions, had misfired. He said the trial was in the final stages and the judgment was likely in another four months. Politicians have been making a beeline to the jail, promising all help for the release.