//Kuwaiti Boys harass Indian expats : BBC Report

Kuwaiti Boys harass Indian expats : BBC Report

Jonathan Fryer of BBC News, reports:


" I travel everywhere by bus, which is considered deeply eccentric by my Kuwaiti neighbours.

They believe buses are only fit for Indian expatriate workers, or local schoolboys, who are too young to drive.

The latter sometimes make even rowdy British kids seem well behaved. I try to avoid the 1540 bus that picks up a handful of Kuwaiti boys as they come out of school.

Invariably, they jump up and down on the seats, hang out of the windows, and taunt some of the Indian workers, who dare not retaliate.

The last time I got a bus on which boys were misbehaving, one Indian did remonstrate quietly.

As the bus later drew away from dropping off the boys, suddenly there was an explosion as its windows caved in under a hail of stones they had thrown, showering all of us passengers with glass."

Full text of the report http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/4632024.stm