//Poverty is behind violation of human rights

Poverty is behind violation of human rights

New Delhi:

Jamia Millia Islamia’s Nelson Mendela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution organised a two-day seminar on the university’s campus on theme ‘Media’s Views on Human Rights.’ Speaking on the occasion, famous Supreme Court lawyer, AG Noorani said that most important reason behind violation of human rights is poverty. He said that media has been highlighting from time to time cases of violation of human rights and added that in the present scenario, media should be restrained by courts and courts by the media.

Speaking about the role of media, he said that media has not been successful in presenting the truth because of censorship and that it should be given more powers.

Jamia Millia vice chancellor Prof Mushirul Hasan said that the media report on cases of human rights violation is much better but since human rights activists judge such cases from their own points of view, both media and human rights activists explain it also in their own ways.

Discussions were also held in this seminar on cases of human rights violation in eastern states, Kashmir and Naxal dominated areas. Humra Qureshi explained how risky and challenging a job it is to work in terrorism affected Kashmir where journalists are always exposed to danger. Government very easily implicates any one in anti-national activities.

Sanjay Hazarika laid emphasis on bold and courageous journalism. Director of Nelson Mandela Centre. S.M. Sajid informed that this Centre is planning to start a one-year diploma course on ‘Peace and Conflict.’