//Centre urged to ban Shabri Kumbh Mela

Centre urged to ban Shabri Kumbh Mela

Chennai, Jan. 21 (UNI): The All India Christian Council (AICC) and All India Confederation of SC/ST organisations today alleged that the VHP, RSS, Sangh Parivar and Bajrang Dal sponsored ‘Shabri Kumbh Mela’ to be held at Dang in Gujarat from February 11 to 13 was only a ploy to indulge in large-scale conversions.

Addressing a press conference here, AICC president, Dr Joseph D’Souza, and Chairman, Dr Udit Raj, demanded that the UPA government at the Centre must intervene and deny permission for the so called ‘Mela’ as the Sangh Parivar was only planning to engineer another Godhra type of communal disturbance there.

They pointed out that they had already met with Union Home Minister, Shivraj Patil, at New Delhi on January 17 and apprised him about the on-going intimidation, terror and reconversion programme being planned by these Hindu organisations.

The Sangh Parivar is trying to ‘Hinduise" the tribals inhabiting the Dang region, which was a Congress bastion, politically. Hence, the UPA government at the Centre must prevent the ‘Mela’ which was not there as per Hindu scriptures.

"There are only four Kumbh melas as per Hindu tradition," they claimed.

In the name of conducting the ‘Shabri Kumbh Mela’, these Hindu organisations were also indulging in environmental degradation cutting down many trees in the region, the AICC alleged.

"Hundreds and thousands of tribals and Christians are experiencing a nightmare and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was aiming to dismantle the last Congress fort in Gujarat," the AICC also alleged.

They also announced that AICC ad the SC ST organisations would observe a Dharna in New Delhi on January 27 in support of their demand that Centre must deny permission to the Mela.