//Globaliszation shattered our dream

Globaliszation shattered our dream

Debating the price of freedom

"Women fear to go out after dusk and this is a definite curtailment on their freedom. Globalisation and liberalisation have shattered our dream of creating a just society. Now, mega companies decide what we drink and eat,” these were some of the comments made by students participating in the Elocution (Malayalam) competition held at the State School Kalotsavam on Sunday.

The topic “The limits of freedom.”

Many students wandered away from the topic, but their assessment of how freedom was being widely misused in India spoke of the concern they have on the issue. Most of them said that our hard-earned freedom was facing threat from within the country than from outside.

"Our President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says that India will become a developed country by 2020. But it is sad that our human resources are being widely misused. Most people are selfish, with no concern for others’ freedom," said a participant.

Though there was good flow in the presentations, some clichéd usages and expressions were widely used. For some, it turned out to be an opportunity to showcase their general knowledge than their oratorial skills.

To prevent co-participants from hearing their speech, the participants were not provided microphones. Thus, many in the audience could not hear what they were saying and this stole away some enthusiasm.

The first prize went to Gayatri Krishnan of St. Mary’s HSS, Thiruvananthapuram. She likes the speeches of Sukumar Azhikode. An ardent admirer of G.S. Pradeep of `Ashwametham’ fame, she reads editorials of newspapers.

Gayathri had won the second prize in her district for `Kathaprasangam’.

She had won the first prize for Elocution (Malayalam) last year also.