//Kalinga Nagar protests gain momentum

Kalinga Nagar protests gain momentum

January 22, 2006 (Kalinga Nagar):

The road blockade by the adivasi protestors in Orissa’s new industrial hub, Kalinga Nagar has been on for the last three weeks. On Saturday, activists and radical groups involved in anti-displacement agitations in Orissa and neighbouring states joined the local adivasis.

Hundreds of activists joined the protestors at Bhoomi, the site where 12 adivasis killed in the Kalinga Nagar police firing were cremated. The activists reiterated their commitment that they will not give up their battle for their rights over land, water, forests and against displacement.

"We shall carry back with us the strong message that the Kalinga Nagar people want to send out to the nation. We feel that we need to join hands with them because it is a common fight," said Janaklal Thakur, President, Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha.

Joining hands —Over the last one week, the Kalinga Nagar Adivasi Front has been distancing itself from mainline political parties and getting closer to radical groups involved in fighting industrialisation in the scheduled areas in Orissa.

Significantly, they are now talking of a wider social alliance

"Tribals, dalits and minorities have suffered great miseries and exploitation in the last 58 years. We are sure a joint fight can force the government to accept our demands," said Chakradhar Haibru, Visthapan Vidrohi Janmanch.

Kalinga Nagar protest is the expression of the cumulative anger of the displaced people who believe that they have been taken for a ride by successive governments".

They feel that they have gained absolutely nothing out of the industrial progress, the excuse and the justification behind all such displacements