//NBA offer to set up biodiversity boards

NBA offer to set up biodiversity boards

Kozhikode, Jan 21: The Chennai-based National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) today offered to set up biodiversity boards in different states, similar to the one that existed in Kerala, to conserve the rich bio-wealth of the country.

Inaugurating a workshop on ”Biodiversity and Bioresources Conservation Awareness,” MBA chairperson Prof S Kannaiyan said the organisation was prepared to establish biodiversity boards in many states, where it did not exist.

Underlining the need for awareness campaign among people to conserve biowealth, he pointed out that many of the elite groups were not aware of the rich biodiversity the country possessed.

He said biodiversity was directly linked to weather, climate change, soil productivity, sustainability, among other things catering to the needs of about 70 per cent of the population, which survived by utilising biowealth.

Pointing out that human intervention in the form of high input agriculture, fertilisers, pesticides, industries and exponential growth in the population posed a great threat to biowealth, he said relentless campaign could educate the people on the issue.

Presiding over the function, Centre of Environmental Development, Kolkata, Director A K Ghosh also underlined the need for conservation of biowealth in the country.

He said people should be educated on the implementation of Biological Diversity Act, 2002, which prohibited illegal transaport of biowealth, including soil.