//New ray of Hope for Naushad

New ray of Hope for Naushad

 New ray of Hope for Naushad

January 22, 2006 (New Delhi):There is fresh hope for Naushad, the Indian national who has been sentenced to have his eye removed in Saudi Arabia.He was awarded the punishment after he was involved in a fight, in which a Saudi national partially lost his vision.

Sources have told NDTV that Naushad, who hails from Kollam in Kerala, has been pardoned by the man whose eye he injured. Saleh Mohammad Al-Ghamdi, the Saudi Ambassador to India, also said that Naushad was safe and will not come to any harm.

An eye for an eye – The law in Saudi Arabia provides for two kinds of punishment for someone who inflicts an injury on another person.  These include the ‘private’ rights, under which the injured party has the sole right to pardon the accused. Under the system of ‘public rights’, the state can punish the accused even if the injured party doesn’t pursue the case.

In Naushad’s case, since the injured person has agreed to forgo his right to retribution, a judge will now have to examine the details of the incident and decide if any further punishment will be meted out. Meanwhile, Naushad’s wife Suhaila is on her way to New Delhi with her two-year-old daughter Asna, to meet the King of Saudi Arabia and plead for her husband.

The King is the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations in the capital this year.""Naushad is the only breadwinner of our five-member family. We are going with the request for him to be pardoned. We’re appealing to everyone to make every effort to secure his release so that he can be with his family," Suhaila said.

The family has also met Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy in Thiruvanathapuram. "We are constantly in touch with the Saudi government. We are sure they will do justice," Chandy said. Naushad’s relatives are leaving no stone unturned in trying to ensure his safety.

Even as his mother says she is happy to hear reports about her son being pardoned, the family will only be able to breathe easy once they get an official confirmation to the effect