//Peace group ask PM for fair deal on IRAN issue

Peace group ask PM for fair deal on IRAN issue

The text of a petition to the Prime Minister of India with over 1,000 signatures from citizens of Chennai, sent on November 19, 2005.

The signature cmpaign was conducted by the Movement Againt Nuclear Weapons (MANW) and the All-India Insurance Employees’ Association.


We, the undersigned citizens of India, call upon the Government of India to return to the path of non-alignment, proudly pursued by this nation through post-Independence decades, from which an utterly unacceptable departure has been made on the issue of Iran in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The government has neither done the country proud nor asserted its sovereignty by joining the brazen Iran-bashing by the USA of George W. Bush and its Western allies in the IAEA.

The government has certainly not helped the cause of universal nuclear disarmament, upheld by this country until recently, by joining the hypocritical campaign by the world’ biggest hoarders of nuclear weapons against alleged ‘proliferation’ by Iran.

The campaign poses a grave threat to the cause of peace, with the witch-hunt against Iran reminding the world of the fake search for weapons of mass destruction that led to the aggressive war on Iraq.

The government has grievously hurt causes held dear by the people of India by voting for the Bush-backed resolution against Iran in the IARA board’s meeting in September.

We urge the government to make amends by not repeating such reprehensible conduct, when the issue comes up again in the IAEA board meeting scheduled for November 24..

We demand that the government plays on this forthcoming occasion a very different role, which marks India’s return to the path of non-alignment in place of moves towards a ‘strategic partnership’ with the warmongering Bush regime. 

From J. Sri Raman