//Sons kill father who abandoned family years ago

Sons kill father who abandoned family years ago

Sons kill father who abandoned family 30 years ago

Meerut / New Delhi, January 21: TWO young men have been arrested for murdering their father who reappeared suddenly last year nearly 30 years after reportedly abandoning his family. The murder took place sometime last week.

Sanjay and Babloo, both in their late 20s, have allegedly confessed to killing Nand Kishore who disappeared in 1977 leaving them, their sister and mother Rajbala in dire straits.The brothers said Nand Kishore’s frequent visits to their Jagatpuri house — Rajbala has since re-married — was causing them humiliation in the locality. Thus, they decided to eliminate Kishore who had not contacted his family during the 28 years he was away.

The family was supported during this time by Delhi Police constable Har Prasad who later married Rajbala. The family has since been living at Jagatpuri.

About a year ago, Kishore reappeared and informed Rajbala and their children that he had been living in Kota for some time. When his visits became too frequent, Sanjay and Babloo decided they must do something.

The brothers told Kishore they wanted to see how he had been living in Kota and asked him to head there with them by car. But they headed to Bulandshahr instead.

Along the way, the brothers reportedly strangled their father inside the car in a deserted area. Then they threw the body into the bushes around Sikandrabad in Bulandshahr district. But Sanjay and Babloo were spotted by a police patrol after they had disposed the body and were picked up.

Officers at Preet Vihar Police Station in east Delhi, under which Jagatpuri falls, said the brothers have confessed to the crime and Bulandshahr Police have recovered the body.Investigations are on with police trying to establish if Prasad was also involved in the murder