//Amnesty award winner Anjali Rao moved to CNN

Amnesty award winner Anjali Rao moved to CNN

21st January, 2006

Sky News presenter Anjali Rao has moved to CNN International to co-anchor its World News Asia with Andrew Stevens, it was announced over the Christmas holiday period.

In May 2004, she won the Amnesty International Human Rights Press Award for a Focus Asia report titled ‘Toxic Trail’, which centred on the plight of locals in Kasaragod, northern Kerala.

She has covered a broad portfolio of major news stories including the attacks of 9/11, the aftermath of the Bali bombings, the Asian Tsunami, the war in Iraq and the Kashmir earthquake.

After a degree in Sociology and Media Studies at London’s City university, Rao kicked off her media career by returning to Hong Kong and starting an internship at the local network Wharf Cable News. She stayed there to become a full-time reporter and eventually hosted the weekly showbiz programme.

She moved to Australia for a short period, doing a stint as a reporter for Channel 7’s nightly current affairs show, Today Tonight, before being snapped up by Rupert Murdoch’s Star News Asia.

source : asianmedia.org