//Foul play suspected in Khor car accident

Foul play suspected in Khor car accident

Doha: An Indian construction worker from Kerala was said to have been run over by a car in Al Khor on Thursday and remains admitted to a local hospital.

The embassy of India said it was conducting enquiries to ascertain if the contracting company in which Sunil Kumar, the victim, was employed was directly or indirectly involved in the incident. "It has been reported to us by some people that Kumar was chased by a company car and deliberately run over.

We are, however, trying to verify details. An attache is being despatched to Al Khor tomorrow (today) to meet Kumar and get details of the incident," said an embassy source.

He said that based on the information he got it is suspected that Kumar was working somewhere else, perhaps, on the sly, although he was employed by this company and staying in their lodging located on the outskirts of Al Khor.

It is a major contracting company run by Indians from Kerala and employs workers by the hundreds of thousands.

On Thursday, Kumar ran from the labour camp for some reason and was chased by some people from the company. At some stage he got down from his car and began running and was reportedly run over, said the embassy source. "We will get at the truth by tomorrow (today) evening," said the source.

It is the same contracting company against which two workers recently complained to the embassy that its Indian managers used "in-house goons" to beat and bully workers who tried to raise their voice against "bad quality of food and non-availability of medical and other facilities as per job contracts".

The source said that the mission had already written to Qatar’s foreign office and human rights committee about the violation of contractual obligations by the company. The embassy has also urged the protector general of emigrants in India to blacklist this company although it is run by Indians themselves.

The mission has also requested action against the manpower agency in Kerala which is said to have charged huge sums from each worker for providing employment in this company.

Source ::: The Peninsula, 1/23/2006 2:41:50