//Nomadic tribes present beads of pleas to authorities

Nomadic tribes present beads of pleas to authorities

Nomadic tribes present beads of pleas to authorities

R. Sundaram

And go away with bags of assurances

A PLEA: Nomadic women with their children in front of Erode Collectorate on Monday – PHOTO: M. GOVARTHAN

ERODE: They sat on the Collectorate compound here making bead garlands. For those present at the grievances day, the sight of nomadic tribes on the compound evoked curiousness. Twenty-five nomads, including women, came to the Collectorate on Tuesday to petition the Collector demanding house-site patta. They are occupying a poramboke land at Karumandichellipalayam, near Perundurai.

One of them, R. Vengaiyan, said 32 families of Narikuravas were living on the poramboke land. The panchayat was providing water and they demanded patta for the land.

Jarina said though they were totally illiterates, they were sending their children to schools. "Our aim is to provide them maximum education and help them achieve higher positions," she said. "Though I am an illiterate, I can sign my name. My son taught it to me," she beams proudly.

Only two persons were allowed to meet the District Collector, D. Karthikeyan. Even the wait outside was made fruitful by these hardworking persons. They started preparing bead garlands.

There was a huge crowd at the Collectorate to petition the collector. Along with about 30 orphans, the Senapathy Nallammai Destitute Children Home authorities petitioned the collector demanding poramboke land f to construct the home. Similarly, about 100 people came to the Collectorate in a lorry from Bhavanisagar area demanding patta for their land at Bhavanisagar Reservoir Zero point area, where they had been cultivating for the last several years.