//Trial run of biogas plant conducted

Trial run of biogas plant conducted

KOZHIKODE: The Council for Energy Conservation and Development here has successfully completed the trial run of a biogas plant for generating cooking gas from waste.

The council embarked on such a project in view of the model solid waste management project of the Kozhikode Corporation. The council envisages a programme for production and distribution of cooking gas utilising waste.

P.P. Sanku, former councillor and convener of the council, said that biogas was low cost energy and the advantages of using it were manifold. The sludge after digestion could be used as fertiliser.

"The policies aimed at providing energy service in sustainable manner will open doors to achieving a wide array of other development goals." He said biogas was one of the most promising among the available energy sources.

He said that biogas was 20 per cent lighter than air and had an ignition temperature in the range of 650 to 750 degree Celsius. A total of 1,000 litres of biogas would provide a cooking time of two hours or 1.5 kwh of electrical output.

Mr. Sanku demanded that the Government should provide subsidy for setting up biogas plant to encourage the use of biogas.

"The council will provide training in operation, repair and maintenance of biogas plant. It is working closely with ANERT to develop solar lamps, solar water heater, rainwater harvesting methods and better smokeless stoves," Mr. Sanku said.