//What BJP did to avoid the sex video getting public

What BJP did to avoid the sex video getting public

Sanjay Singh, DNAINDIA.COM, Wednesday, December 28, 2005  

MUMBAI: The lull came after the storm. At the conclave, everybody knew that former party general secretary Sanjay Joshi, whose name allegedly figured in a sex video is going to be part of history. Naturally, there was no hue and cry about rehabilitation.

For a change there was an unanimity between the RSS and the BJP on the subject. The process of zeroing in on his replacement has also started.

The leadership in the party and the RSS had known before the Mumbai conclave that the storm was brewing but had hoped it would blow over. They had taken damage control measures which proved inadequate.

The storm in the Sangh Parivar started building last week. The sex video was delivered to senior RSS-BJP leaders. The Sangh was the first to take a call. The winter session of Parliament had not concluded and there was palpable apprehension that one of the television channels could use the tapes.

Sources said a very senior RSS functionary called a prominent party general secretary to Sangh headquarters at Jhandewalan. The submission was plain and direct — ‘Use all your clout to stop, if you can, the video clips from being aired’. But two days later, it reached two TV offices.

There was a view in both BJP and RSS that Joshi should take leave and be conveniently eased out when Rajnath Singh constitutes a new team. But Joshi’s conduct had been satisfactory to both the party and the RSS and thus he was spared the rod. There are suggestions that Joshi was inclined to withdraw himself till the inquiry.

Strong winds started blowing after Joshi reached Mumbai on Monday to attend BJP’s national convention. A section of party leaders began talking and the sponsors of the video tapes got one television channel to agree to telecast. With the silver jubilee celebrations on, this could have been a huge embarrassment. On Monday night, a message was apparently sent by the television channel concerned that it was difficult not to air the sex video clip unless Joshi resigned by morning.

Before anyone could react, Joshi, in consultation with his mentors in the RSS and leadership in the BJP decided to do the best that he could in the worst of circumstances – resign and ask for a probe.