//American Muslims continue to be detained while travelling

American Muslims continue to be detained while travelling

24-01-2006 –WASHINGTON, D.C., MASFF: A series of recent complaints received by the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation (MASFF) indicate that when traveling, many law-abiding Muslim Americans continue being detained at U.S. airports and borders for hours without probable or legal cause.

In order to legally challenge the unwarranted or unnecessary detention of Muslims at airports and borders, MAS Freedom, through Project BFAIR (Better Fair Immigration Rules), is urging all American Muslims to report any incidents of harassment and/or detainment without cause after returning from Hajj, or reentering the United States from Canada after attending the December 2004 or 2005 Islamic conference.

“Clearly, these governmental policies violate both the spirit and the letter of U.S. law constitutionally guaranteeing equal protection under the law,” said MAS Freedom Executive Director Mahdi Bray. “The time to stop this treatment is now.”