//Israeli project to inscribe Bible in Hindi

Israeli project to inscribe Bible in Hindi

Press Trust of India, Jerusalem, January 25, 2006

The Bible is to be inscribed in Hindi as part of an initiative by the Israeli foreign ministry to build bridges among diverse world population through a project wherein individuals from different countries across the globe will inscribe verses from the Holy book in their own language.

"The project, ‘People of the World Inscribe the Bible’, launched in Frankfurt in October, is being taken to India this week and Hindi being the most widely used local language we are going to start with inscribing the Book in this language," foreign ministry official Dan Oryan said.

"The message of the project is one of peace and it is an effort to bind people by building bridges across age, religion and culture," Oryan said.

Later it will also be inscribed in other major officially recognised Indian languages, he said.

The project in India will be launched this Friday at the World Book Fair 2006 and then will be carried throughout India until its completion.

Delhi Bible Institute will be a co-sponsor of the project and other organisations are likely to join it from various parts of the country after its launch, officials here said.

The complete collection of the original inscriptions from all over the world will finally be deposited in the ‘House of the Bible’, which is to be constructed in the ‘Valley of the Bible’ in Israel.

"The idea is to create a surrounding similar to those during the times of the Bible where people will be able to re-enact life during those days," they said.