//Plan to free aged accused persons in `conspiracy cases'

Plan to free aged accused persons in `conspiracy cases'

Hindu, 25, Jan, 2006, HYDERABAD:

The Government is considering a proposal to release old persons figuring as accused in conspiracy cases such as the one involving Mukku Subba Reddy, a top naxalite leader who surrendered to the Government about 20 years ago.

In this respect, even the conspiracy case in which Tarimela Nagireddy and others were cited as accused will be examined. "The cases have been dragging on for years. The accused have become old and they are no more active. There is no point in detaining them any more," Home Minister K. Jana Reddy announced at a press conference here on Tuesday.

The Minister, however, ruled out giving amnesty or remission of sentence to anybody on the eve Republic Day. However, the Government was examining various aspects of giving amnesty for Independence Day. "This view has been taken in light of the misuse of amnesty granted to Mujeeb," he added.

No unmanned vehicle

"We want to scrap the amnesty given to Mujeeb but how ? We can do this only by approaching the Governor through whom the amnesty was given. The issue has been referred to the Law Department," the Minister said.

Regarding Narayan Sanyal, the Minister denied that he was arrested in Chatitisgarh and brought to Bhadrachalam, and said whatever was stated by the police before the court in this case was true.

He said the Government had no plan, as of now, to purchase an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Mr. Jana Reddy thanked the police, especially those of Cyberabad and Hyderabad, for making all mega events the Indian Science Congress, Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, GITEX and the AICC plenary incident-free. He urged the police to work with the same zeal and commitment.