//State BJP President denied entry in Kalinga Nagar

State BJP President denied entry in Kalinga Nagar

Oram denied entry

JAJPUR, Jan. 24. — Former Union Minister and state BJP president Mr Juel Oram had to face the wrath of agitating tribals including women in Kalinga Nagar today. The tribals prevented Mr Oram from entering the trouble-torn area and forced him to denounce the 2 January police action in which 12 tribals were killed.
It was only after Mr Oram had made the declaration condemning his own party government’s action that the tribals allowed him to enter the area. He was grilled on the road by the tribals who had wanted to know where he was all these days.
They also told him categorically that he was welcome only as a tribal leader and not as a politician, that too after he publicly castigated the government which had killed the tribals. Interestingly, all this happened when the front line leaders of the tribals were at a meeting with the district authorities. It showed the determination and resolve of the people of the area, specially the women.
Mr Oram explained that he was away in New Delhi, but his party men had visited Kalinga Nagar earlier. He also shared their feelings and resentment against the government action of 2 January.
The tribals then asked him to put forth at least three of their demands — removal of Mr Prafulla Ghadei from the ministry, withdrawal of cases registered against tribals and release of tribal leaders who had been arrested. Mr Oram assured them that he would take up their demands with the government.
Following the grilling session on the road itself, Mr Oram was allowed to reach the cremation ground and pay floral tributes to the 12 dead. He had discussions with the local people as well as his party men before returning to Bhubaneswar. – SNS