//The gay police busted

The gay police busted

The gay police busted

Cops used decoy to accost ‘homosexuals’ in public loos and then harass them

An alert citizen busted an organised racket by Azad Maidan police who allegedly placed gay decoys inside the toilet at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and then accused people visiting the toilet of homosexual acts to extort money

Following the complaint by Sameer Mujawar, 28, who they tried to trap in the toilet on Tuesday night, an inquiry has been set up against two cops.

Mujawar, was accosted inside the CST loo at 11 pm by Sachin Patil, the gay decoy. Patil allegedly began indulging in indecent behaviour with Mujawar, and when an angry Mujawar protested, Patil yelled out very loudly, calling attention of the cops.

The two constables, apparently waiting outside the toilet for precisely such a signal from their conduit, rushed in and asked what the two men were up to.

Patil then "acted" guilty, and when Mujawar told the cops he was trying to sexually abuse him, the constables told the two that they would have to be taken to the police station. Mujawar at this point told them he was a press reporter. The cops then let him go and pretended to take Patil away.

However, sensing something untoward, Mujawar waited at a nearby platform and saw that the constables along with Patil were similarly trapping many others and letting them go after extorting money from them. 

After a while, he saw the cops and their decoy go together to the Capitol Beer Bar for a drink. Mujawar called a friend, Sanjay Gurav, and along with him went to Azad Maidan police station to lodge a complaint. After registering the complaint, Azad Maidan police disrupted the errant cops’ beer party and they were handed over to the CST railway police, since the case was under their jurisdiction. Patil was also arrested by railway police on Wednesday night but was later released on bail. His mobile phone was confiscated by railway police because the constables were allegedly in touch with him over the phone, but his SIM card has gone missing, thereby wiping out evidence.

CST railway police senior inspector Bapu Thombre said an inquiry against the constables had begun and promised action against the guilty. "Two constables have been identified and if any others too are involved, we will take action against them," Thombre said.