//BJP to Stay Away from Republic Day Celebration in Patna

BJP to Stay Away from Republic Day Celebration in Patna

Patna: January 26, 2006, Patna Daily

The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders in Bihar, to protest the unconstitutionality of the dissolution of Bihar Assembly last year on the recommendation of Bihar Governor Buta Singh, announced their decision to boycott the Republic Day parade at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan where Singh is the chief guest.

Talking to reporters, BJP Bihar general secretary Giriraj Singh said that no member of the party would be attending the Republic Day celebration given the fact that the Supreme Court has already indicted the Governor on the Assembly dissolution issue.

"We cannot be part of a celebration where a person who blatantly violated the Constitution and butchered democracy for political gains will be the chief guest," Singh said.

When asked if the BJP leaders in the Nitish government would also boycott the Republic Day parade, Singh said the boycott was to be observed by the BJP as a party. "Individual decisions will be left to the leaders," he said.

BJP spokesperson Kiran Ghai, commenting on Buta Singh’s insistence on taking the salutes at Gandhi Maidan, said that it would be an insult to the Indian national flag when a tainted politician like Buta Singh takes the salute from nation’s various defense wings.

Meanwhile, dozens of Janata Dal (U) activists, at the Bhagat Singh Chowk in Patna, burnt an effigy of the Governor while demanding his dismissal.