//Boy flings acid on tutor

Boy flings acid on tutor

KolKolkata: Subhanko Biswas, a Class X student, threw acid at his tutor because he did not approve of the latter’s friendship with a girl.

Amitava Biswas, a 29-year-old private tutor, used to teach Subhanko. On Sunday night, the 15-year-old sent an SMS to his tutor. "I do not know the content of the SMS, but he said that it was from his student. He went to their place," said Amitava’s mother Sumita. When Amitava reached his home, Subhanko led him to the terrace where he suddenly grabbed a mug and flung acid at his tutor.

According to Superintendent of Police (South 24-Parganas) S N Gupta, Amitava’s eyes have been severely damaged and his face is disfigured. Friends and relatives were shocked by Subhanko’s act.

Investigations revealed that Subhanko and Amitava used to spend a lot of time together and also surfed objectionable websites. They even chatted on the Internet together. During one such chat session, they got in touch with a girl from Mumbai. Amitava developed a close friendship with the girl. A few days ago, Subhanko learnt that the girl would be coming to Kolkata to visit his tutor. The news apparently got him agitated, signs of which were visible in answer sheets of his last term exam.

"For subjects like physics and chemistry, he wrote irrelevant and sickening things. We were supposed to call his father to school (to discuss this issue)," said a senior teacher of Subhanko’s school.

Subhanko’s mother died two years ago. According to police, Subhanko was so obsessed with Amitava that he was unhappy with the latter’s friendship with the girl. Blinded by jealousy, Subhanko flung acid at his tutor to prevent him from meeting the girl.