//Tension over burning of national flag in L.B. Nagar

Tension over burning of national flag in L.B. Nagar

Police suspect rivalry between two groups to be the cause for the incident

Burning of flag noticed three hours after hoisting / Fire caused following lighting of rope to which flag is tied /Needle of suspicion points to cable operator
HYDERABAD: While thousands of Indians saluted the national flag on Republic Day, some unidentified miscreants set the tricolour on fire leading to tension at Jaipuri Colony in L.B. Nagar on Thursday.
Police suspect that rivalry between two groups of youth resulted in the incident. President of a youth association, Raghupati Goud, hoisted the flag around 8.30 a.m. in the presence of its members.Three hours later, passersby noticed the flag burning and alerted Mr. Goud who called in the police."From what we gathered through the locals, someone lit the rope to which the flag was tied atop a pole," L.B. Nagar Inspector Surender Reddy said.
Flag burnt partially –As decorative pieces of paper pasted to the pole caught fire, flames engulfed the flag.
"Soon, some youngsters pulled down the rope and doused the flames. By that time the flag was partially burnt," he explained.Mr. Goud, in his complaint, said that he was not sure as to who were the culprits.Inquiries by the police, however, revealed that the fight for supremacy between two local youth groups over local politics led to the incident.
Sources said that a cable operator, who had been siding another youth association, recently formed a breakaway group.His conspicuous absence at the flag hoisting ceremony suggested that he could have been behind the incident. But police said that they were yet to identify the culprits